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Protect Today Predict Tomorrow

ZeroFox's mission is clear: we protect customers - their data, their assets and their people - from external threats across the internet.

Who We Are

We are a team of threat hunters, researchers and customer advocates dedicated to protecting, disrupting and responding to external threats. Founded in 2013, ZeroFox is led by a team of information security and high-growth company veterans. ZeroFox has been recognized by Forrester as best-in-class in brand intelligence and received numerous industry awards and honors including the 2021 CISO Choice Award for Threat Intelligence.

How We Do It

Through AI-powered technology, global intelligence collection and services provided by a team of expert analysts, we give customers the protection and intelligence needed to disrupt external threats on the public, deep and dark web. ZeroFox’s managed security services and intelligence help organizations protect, disrupt and respond to external cybersecurity threats and breaches all through a single platform.

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